Guide to recruitment
The National University of Sciences and Technology promotes the use of best practice principles in the Recruitment and Selection. NUST believes on Equal Employment opportunity and provides an equal employment opportunity to all people regardless of race, religion, color, sex, marital status, nationality and origin etc.
NUST affirmatively supports equal employment for all individuals. Management believes such practices support makes sound sense, since it ensures access to the most skilled and experienced employees, regardless of classification.
For general enquires/information including employment and recruitment administration, please contact Recruitment Team or visit e-recruitment (career opportunities) page.

How to Apply
Create New Account
If you haven't visited us lately, please note that we have updated the process for applying for jobs online. All applicants should consider completing an applicant profile. The profile will be stored your own "Your Account" allowing you to:
  • Make updates to your profile and contact information ensuring that we have your most recent data
  • Update your profile when appropriate
  • View a history of jobs you've responded to
  • Change your  password
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Applying for a job
  1. If you haven't already established a profile, we recommend that you do so to simplify submitting applications.
  2. If you have already established a profile and do not want to update any of the information, you may search and apply for jobs.
  3. After you submit your application for a specific position, you will receive an immediate acknowledgement.  If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted directly by the Department.