Lecturer - SCEE
Last Date: Sunday, November 10, 2019  
Job Detail   
Job Ref #: Job/3207/10/22/2019
 Age Limit: 25  - 45
Posted Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Job Description:
First Class Master Degree(foreign/Local) or Equivalent degrees awarded after 18 years of education as determined by HEC from HEC recognized University/Institution. No 3rd division in academic career. 

- Structural Engineering 
- Geo-technical Engineering 
- Water Resource Engineering & Management 
- Topographic Survey 
- Geo-informatics Engineering
- Geomatics Engineering 
- Remote Sensing, GIS, Surveying   

Candidates may be considered ineligible for the post due to any of the following reasons:-
-       3rd Div in academic career/weak academic profile.
-       NUST employees with less than 02 year's service with NUST.
-       In process of pursuing a degree.