Assistant Professor - SEECS
Last Date: Sunday, May 15, 2022  
Job Detail   
Job Ref #: Job/4040/04/28/2022
 Age Limit: 25  - 49
Posted Date: Thursday, April 28, 2022
Salary: Market Competitive
Job Description:
- PhD in below mentioned fields from an HEC recognized Institution.

- Digital IC Design: Experience in Digital IC back-end (RTL to GDS expertise), Packaging, experience with cadence tools, VLSI design, Tape-out experience would be a plus 
- Robotics: Autonomous Navigation with hands-on experience of ROS/OpenCV/Python. Probabilistic graphical modeling, pose – graph optimization, graph SLAM
- Power Electronics: Having research expertise in power electronic converters/ drives and their contemporary applications.
- Microelectronics & Integrated Circuits (ICs): Having expert knowledge & experience in electronic devices and ICs.
- Control Systems: Expertise in Control Systems theory & experience of applied research.   
- Power Systems: Expertise in power system analysis, design, HVDC, power transients etc
- Computer Science: Theory of Automata, Complier Construction, Quantum Computing, Core Computer Science, Database Systems, Web Engineering, Distributed Computing
- Software Engineering: Software Construction, Formal Methods, Software Quality Engineering, Modeling & Simulation. 
- Information Security: Quantum computing, Information & Communication Security, Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering, Cyber Warfare. 
- AI & Data Science: Big Data Analytics, Reinforcement Learning, Geometric Deep Learning, Information Visualization. 
- Information Technology & Innovative Technologies in Learning: Game Design, STEM-based Learning, Technology Curriculum Design, expertise in education pedagogies, STEAM-based learning. Tools & Technologies in education
- Social Sciences & Humanities: including psychology & Sociology etc
- English: Including Technical/Business Writing, Communication Skills etc 
- Management Sciences: Including Organizational Behavior, Human Resource/ Project Management etc. 
- Electrical Engineering: Signal Processing