HR Team
Find out who's who in Human Resources and how to get in touch.
  • Mr. Muhammad Tahir is the Director of Human Resources;
  • our Faculty section provides general HR administrative support regarding faculty;
  • our Administration section provides general HR administrative support regarding support staff (Admin/Tech Staff);
  • Human Resource Development section delivers and support employee’s development through Faculty Development Programme (FDP) and Continuous Education (CE);
  • Recruitment section carries out employment and recruitment administration;
  • The Employee Relations Team deals with HR Related Court Cases, implementation and Revision of HR Policies/Procedures and best practices at NUST. Also provides advice, counseling and suggestions to employees in order to resolve their work related problems, personal concerns and/or problems with colleagues;
  • HR Information Management System team provide specialist support, administration and advice on HR management information.
Name Job Title Telephone Email
Mr. Muhammad Tahir Director of Human Resources (051) 9085 1331
Mr. Muhammad Tariq Anwar Deputy Director HR (Faculty) (051) 9085 1335
Ms Sadia Tahir Assistant Director HR (Admin) (051) 9085 1333
Engr Kamran Akhtar Deputy Director HR (HRD) (051) 9085 1340
Mr. Liaquat Ali Deputy Director HR (Recruitment) (051) 9085 1343
Mr. Kashif Akbar Deputy Director (Info Mgmt) (051) 9085 1336
Mr. Adnan Ahmed Assistant Director HR (Employee Relations and Services) (051) 9085 1344