Professor - SEECS
Last Date: Sunday, November 10, 2019  
Job Detail   
Job Ref #: Job/3211/10/22/2019
 Age Limit: 35  - 59
Posted Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Job Description:
PhD degree in the relevant field recognized by HEC in consultation with PEC with 15 years teaching/research experience (including 5 years mandatory teaching experience at University or a postgraduate institution) in HEC recognized university or a postgraduate institution or professional experience in the relevant field in a  national or international organization. Also 15 years of total experience should include 6 years Post PhD experience. 
•       10 years post-PhD teaching/ research experience (including 5 years mandatory teaching experience) in a HEC recognized university or post-graduate institution or professional experience in the relevant field in a national or international organization 

Fifteen (15) publications with at-least five (05) publications in the last five (05) years in only HEC recognized category ‘w’ (with Impact Factor)/ISI indexed journals.

- Power System (Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Planning & Analysis, Converters & smart grids).
- Electronics (Semiconductor Devices, Electronics Circuits Design) 
- Embedded Hardware/Firmware/Software/Operating Systems
- Digital Signal Processing with Multi-Sensor Information Fusion 
- ASIC/VLSI/Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design
- Nano Networks and Molecular Communication Systems
- Software Defined Networks (SDN) and NFV
- Game Design, Universal Design for Learning, Human Computer Interaction, Learning Interfaces.
- Advanced Data Communications, Advanced Topics in Database, Cloud Computing/Advanced Distributed Computing, Information Retrieval/Data Mining, Parallel Computing, Deep Learning
- Compilers Construction, Theory of Auto-mata and formal Methods/Formal Methods, Natural Language Processing, Operating System/Advanced Operating Systems, Data Analytics/Big Data/Information Visualization/Statistical & Mathematical Modeling for Data Science, Computer Graphics/Game Design/Game Programming, Advanced Programming/Mobile Application/Web Engineering
- Software Construction, Software Project Management, Software Quality Engineering , Software Requirements Engineering, Software 
Re-engineering, Business Process Engineering, Operational Research 
- Network Security, Computer Forensics, Cryptography, Information Security Management, Cloud Computing Security, Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering, Cyber Warfare, Block Chain Technologies.     
Candidates may be considered ineligible for the post due to any of the following reasons:-
-       3rd Div in academic career/weak academic profile.
-       NUST employees with less than 02 year's service with NUST.
-       In process of pursuing a degree.