Human Resource Development
Focused Approach on Faculty Growth
NUST HR stands as the icon of best practices of faculty development and growth to ensure that they offer students the latest knowledge in their disciplines to prepare them for the greater opportunities ahead in their future careers. The faculty at NUST is actively engaged in research activities and providing an environment of practical learning to the students. NUST gives immense importance to latest developments in the industry and actively supports its faculty to conduct research and insights from their respective fields. The HR supports such programs for the faculty to keep their expertise up to date and continuously develop their skills. It offers a supportive infrastructure to support and encourages research.
Training & Development Activities at NUST
Human Resource Development (HRD) activities at NUST aim at employee’s development through Faculty Development Programs, trainings workshops and short courses at PDC/Nationwide/Abroad for Faculty as well as Administrative / Technical Staff HRD is divided into following:-
  1. Orientation Trainings
  2. Faculty Developmental Program (FDP)
  3. Continuous Education (CE)
  4. Internal Training Program For Support Staff (EBPS 16-19)
  5. Local Training (Within NUST/ PDC)
  6. Faculty Development Training
  7. Nationwide Training
Orientation Trainings:

Orientation Trainings are held for new employees. All new faculty joining NUST is put through an orientation training for 3-4 days before they join respective institutions followed by mentoring through senior faculty.

Faculty Developmental Program (FDP):

In this program, faculty is sent either through NUST sponsorship or fully funded scholarships to reputed foreign universities. The Bond has to be signed by the faculty member before proceeding abroad which is 3/5 years for MS and PhD respectively.

Continuous Education (CE):

In order to achieve excellence in continuing education, Fully Funded scholarship opportunities for MS/PhD studies are shared directly with Faculty members as well as NUST constituent Colleges/ Schools/Institutes/Centers through its Hunting Program for Fully Funded Scholarships. Trainings, workshops and short courses are conducted through PDC, nationwide training institutes and abroad for faculty as well as Administrative/Technical staff, so as to ensure their professional development.

Internal Training Program For Support Staff (EBPS 16-19)

A comprehensive/ mandatory training plan is conducted for NUST Support Staff (EBPS 16-19). The same is conducted in 2 x phases. ...

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Local Training (Within NUST/ PDC) :

For the sake of further improving the knowledge and capabilities, NUST offers Continuing Education programs by providing an extensive array of continuous education, professional development, and training opportunities for its faculty members. This is achieved through short trainings, courses, lectures and other organized developmental activities. Faculty professional development encompasses various faculty development activities covering professional cycle of individuals.

Faculty Development Training:

A three years theoretical/ practical internal training program is in progress has been prepared for NUST faculty, where each faculty member has to undergo a mandatory training on specific topics including MOOCS. It has been designed for progressive development and grooming of NUST faculty members as per their experience to impact on their quality of teaching & learning....

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Nationwide Training :

All NUST constituent institutions are independent organize and conduct seminars, symposiums and conferences in their own thematic areas, whereas, PDC conducts all types of professional trainings within and outside of NUST either independently or in cooperation with NUST constituent institutions/ HR Dte. Capacity building activities are sponsored by NUST institutions, HEC, and other national organizations. Local training institutes of Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi are time to time contacted for conduct of specialized trainings as and when required to keep the staff of NUST up to date with latest technologies.